" तेजो सि s ,तेजो म s देही ! "
Kisan Arts Commerce and Science College, Parola awarded 'B' Grade by NAAC in 2nd Cycle re-accreditation


Library Commity
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Y.V. Patil Principal
2 Dr. Dr. G.H. Sonawane Vice-Principal
3 Dr. P. D. Patil Member
4 Mr. S. S. Patil Member
5 Mr. N. B. Patil Member
6 Dr. C.R. Satpute (Librarian) Secreatary
Total number of Books in Library :
Sr. No. Subject Total No. of Books Total Cost
1 English 3100 385596
2 Hindi 1385 69433
3 Marathi 3945 166103
4 Political Science 1774 105901
5 Economics 2358 108401
6 Geography 2297 221002
7 History 1784 122948
8 Commerce 3728 194114
9 Mathematics & Statistics 840 65205
10 Physics 986 69820
11 Chemistry 1536 141030
12 Botany 882 98820
13 Zoology 374 40006
14 Computer Science 359 57831
15 General, Reference & Others 1334 193276
Total 26682 2039491


Library Commity
About 400 Students used to take the benefits of this facility
  1. Since the beginning,the college has been providing Book Bank facility.
  2. It is given to the needy,poor and rank holders of the respective department.
  3. With the Principals Sanction the librarian verifies the details of the student and lends the settext books to them.
  4. At the end of the academic year the Students have to return the books borrowed, to the librarian.
  5. THOUSANDS of students have taken benefit of this Scheme.
Reading Room Facility:

Spacious and well equiped Reading Room is made available for both Boy's and Girl's seperately it is kept opened from 7.30am To 11.00 pm on working days and 7.30 am To 5.30pm on holidays.

Teacher's Reading Room :

For Teacher's separate Reading Room is available in which 14 news papers in English ,Marathi and Hindi, then Magazines, Periodicals are kept .

Internet Facilities:

Internet facilities available for Junior and Senior college students and teacher all working days. By paying Rs.100 per Student as Library deposit the PG student can lend Two Books at a time from library every week.

Dnyanwardhan granthalaya yojana :
  • Dnyanwardhan Granthalaya Yojna commenced in the year 2004-05. During 2004-05 and 2005-06 62 students actively participated in this scheme for enrollment of their name, each participant paid Rs.300/- as Annual Membership Fee. It is to be noted that, the college raised the fund from this scheme, which was totally spent for the development of the library and on conducting various activities for the students.
  • Dnyanwardhan Granthalaya Yojna is started for students who plan to appear for various competitive exams. This scheme dealt specifically with preparation for NET/SET Exams.

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